He Slaps Paint Onto A Canvas, People Think He’s Crazy, But Then He Flips It Over

For many big cities, Spring and Summer mark the resurgence of street preformers. From music buskers to cartoonists offering to paint our portraits, there’s a little of everything.

There are varying levels of talent, many of them make decent art, but none are as surprising as this guy. Video taken of a street performer in Taiwan has gone viral after people realized what he was actually doing.

At first, it looked like nothing – just a few white shapes on a black canvas. The frenzied artist splattered paint in a way that seemed almost nonsensical.

To casual observers, he seemed not to know what he was doing at first. But then he stepped closer to the canvas and the image began to take shape…

As he tossed his brushes in the air, his movements became more and more pronounced. He dropped his brush and started rubbing the canvas with his hands. Surely, this guy was just messing around!

But the high-energy music and his strange antics kept viewers watching right the to final moments. He stepped back and with a flick of his wrist, he flipped the canvas to reveal a masterpiece!

It is was a portrait of martial arts master and Hollywood star Bruce Lee! The crowd cheered in amazement and online commentators couldn’t believe what they had just seen.

It has been viewed by 2.6 million viewers.