Stop Wasting All That Frozen Pizza, Try This Single Slice Frozen Pizza Hack

Have you ever really wanted a slice of pizza but you didn’t want to waste the entire frozen pizza you bought? It happens all the time, you just want one or two slices but you can’t buy them that way!

Well, lucky for you there is a trick for that! It’s one of those things where it’s so simple you won’t believe you never thought of it, but seriously it will save you so much wasted pizza! Give it a try next time you pick up a frozen pizza!


It’s super simple, just pull the frozen pizza out of the package while it is still frozen.

Use a large knife to cut it into slices.

Take each slice individually and place it in a freezer bag.

Put those back in the freezer until you’re ready!

Next time you want to have a pizza night on your own you can grab out a slice and cook it up without wasting the whole thing!